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Adventures in Shiiba - November 1995
Erik Kassebaum

Erik the Viking is now a Samurai

This year I am going to be a samurai in the Heike Matsuri. In October I was given a choice between parking cars during the Matsuri and being a samurai. As I have experience parking cars (Sonoma County Fair August 1991) I thought that it would be nice to try something new. My parents were very excited when I told them that I'd be a Samurai. Dad said that I will be the first Kassebaum to be a Samurai.

Toxic and Nuclear Waste - Just Say No!

Around the world, rural communities have problems with employment. Many big companies and government agencies try to take advantage of people in rural areas by promising lots of money and jobs in exchange for the right to dump toxic and radioactive wastes.

Many promises are made regarding safety and jobs, but the money and jobs never last as long as the danger. If anyone ever asks about dumping toxic wastes in Shiiba you should ask them if they plan move to Shiiba, raise kids in Shiiba, and live in Shiiba for the rest of their life.

Toxic wastes can be dangerous for up to a thousand years and many nuclear wastes remain deadly for over 100,000 years. If someone promises you that Shiiba will be safe from these things for a 1000 years or 100,000 years - they are lying.

Shiiba is a beautiful place to live and we should think about how to keep it beautiful forever. There are many changes taking place in the world's economy. Most of the changes relate to a shift from manufacturing things to processing information.

In a few years, places like Shiiba will be considered "cultural goldmines." I assure you that good jobs are on the way, but in the meantime it will be important to preserve Shiiba's local culture and it's beautiful environment.

My Three Techniques Failed

I must admit that I tried to avoid running during the Village Undokai and that my "three techniques failed" because Minoru Nasu used the all powerful "onegai." This year, at least I was smart enough to insist on being the first to run for my relay team. The undokai was a lot of fun and I took lots of pictures.

I'm looking forward to showing pictures of the undokai to my family this Christmas. However, I can imagine the following conversation:

Dad - Who is the guy with the nice legs and the big pom poms?
Erik - I don't know his name but he's from Omukai.
Dad - Omukai kara...Naru hodo {from Omukai...well that explains everything.}