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Kagura is a form of ceremonial dance. There are many Kagura groups in Shiiba. This form of folk performance is an important part of Shiiba's culture. Kagura dances are usually all-night affairs and are usually held in shrines. It is common for people to drink sake during the performances.

Most of Shiiba's Kagura dances take place during November and December. It is not uncommon for as many as 100 people to attend a Kagura dance.

Men dance and women cook for the crowds. Boys and girls can perform Kagura but women cannot. This restriction is to prevent the gods from getting angry. Often, women will sing along whilst the men dance. People of all ages attend and perform Kagura.

In Shiiba, there are many men who carve Kagura Masks. Not all dancers use masks. In addition there is quite a bit of variation with respect to the costumes that performers wear.